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Barton Farm Academy


Aims & Values

Nurturing Curiosity

Our vision is to provide an exciting and stimulating education where children’s natural curiosity about the world, themselves and others, is nurtured.

Our aim is to support our children in developing the skills they need to be successful including resilience, creativity, a sense of pride in everything they do and kindness.

Our Values

All children at our academy learn and flourish in a values-based environment
underpinned by our shared values with the University: compassion, individuals matter and spirituality.

We will achieve our vision by furnishing pupils with opportunities and experiences in a broad and wide ranging curriculum encouraging them to uncover their hidden talents and passions; and by living our core values.


Our school has a strong commitment to sustaining our environment.

We are very proud of the eco credentials of our school building and our children will learn about ways that we can have a positive impact on the sustainability of our planet. We have plans for some exciting community projects.