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School Governors

Being a School Governor is a rewarding and effective way of making a voluntary contribution to your community and to the lives of local, young people.  Local Governors are appointed by the Trust Board and have a keen interest in the school.

The Headteacher is accountable to the Trust Board, whose role is to set the aims and objectives of the school and monitor progress (together with the Executive Leader), in line with national guidelines.

Each governance role is vital in ensuring the strategic direction of the Trust and the success of each school.  Local Governors provide valuable support governing at a local level and in assisting the Trust Board in fulfilling their legal duties. The Local Governing Body of Barton Farm Primary Academy will meet regularly and include parents, staff and community representatives.

new parent governor election - may 2024

We are holding a vote for our parent governor vacancy in May 2024.  We have five applicants for the role and would like to invite you to read each statement below before voting via the form you have been sent on email on 17th of May.  The deadline for voting is midday on Thursday 23rd of May.

Parent Governor Applicant 1 - Emily English

Reasons for applying:

I am a parent of three children who are lucky to attend Barton Farm Primary Academy and the Beehive Nursey and Pre-School. It has been fascinating to watch the school grow and develop over the past four years. I would enjoy the opportunity to give something back by providing some of my time and professional experience to help support the school as a parent governor.

Experience and personal skills:

I work as a Paediatric Registrar (an NHS doctor specialising in babies, children and young people up to 18 years of age) so I have a genuine interest in all children and young people being given opportunities to achieve their full potential. I have specialised in Paediatrics since 2011 and through this I have experience working with children and families from a diverse range of backgrounds and with children who have special educational needs. In considering applying to become a parent governor I read that the role can be thought of like a critical friend. I enjoy learning and recognise the importance of undertaking training to gain the skills and knowledge to be of assistance to the governing body. I think that my professional experience and belief in the fundamental importance of providing an excellent well-rounded education for all children would allow me to be a critical friend to Barton Farm Primary Academy.


Parent Governor Applicant 2 - Kirsty Read

Reasons for applying:

I have always been impressed and fully supportive of the ethos and vision that Mrs Wells and the staff team have implemented at Barton Farm and the opportunity to be a part of that in a the thinking and questioning role, such as a governor would have, fills me with real excitement. I can see that the school is still forming and evolving, particularly as the current Year 3 continue to move upwards and a new headteacher comes into post, and I therefore believe that this is an exciting and important moment to be a part of that as the parent voice in the governing body.

Experience and personal skills:

I believe my career experience and my roles within the local community would make me a valuable voice when the school considers its development and seeks to maintain its high standards.

I think I am an empathetic listener whilst also understanding a need to be strategic and adhere to certain rules and guidelines, which I believe would make me a good communicator and representative for both the parent and school sides.

Now having two of my children within the school and my youngest coming in a couple of years, I feel I have the vested interest and capacity required to fulfil a role like this to assist the school.

My current job as Families and Children's worker at Hope Church in Winchester means that I have relationships and contact with a great number of families across Winchester with a variety of economic, social and cultural backgrounds. I have an awareness of what families in Winchester are experiencing and needing as they parent their children, all of which I think would lend me to give valuable insight into the demographic of families attending the school.

My previous career as a Primary school teacher also means I have an understanding of the way schools operate, the documents that would be discussed at governors meetings, such as the School Improvement Plan, and the pressures schools face. In addition, I understand the important role governors play and the need to ensure the Headteacher and staff feel supported by the governing body. In my current job I have experience of choosing, designing and implementing a curriculum for the teaching of children aged 2-11 and this alongside my background in teaching also aids my understanding of what curriculum should and could look like within a school setting. The fact that I am Mum to three children gives me a vested interest in developing the area of curriculum for the school.

Further to this, my current job operates as a charity where I have to interact with and report to trustees, which enables me to have some understanding of the accountability side of a role such as a governor would have. It would be a real honour to be a part of Barton Farm Academy in this way as it continues to grow, develop and flourish.


Parent Governor Applicant 3 - Maxine Netherwood

Reasons for applying:

My son attends Barton Farm Primary Academy (Yr1) and I am proud to be a parent of a child who attends this school. We, as a family, have felt nothing but supported, encouraged and nurtured by being a part of the school and I feel I’d like to give back to the school. I obviously have a vested interest as a parent but I feel that I’d love to help the school grow and develop as the school itself expands and welcomes more pupils.  I am passionate about this continuing for the local community.  Through life and work experience, I feel I can make a real contribution to the school and I am very willing to take on the extra time commitments that come with the role. 

Experience and personal skills:

I am a parent of a child in Year 1 at Barton Farm and as such I have a vested interest in the school performing well. I feel that I can bring an objective view to the governing body with my broad range of skills and life experience. 

I am a consultant conveyancer in a top 60 UK law firm based in London.  I have previously worked within other top 100 UK law firms for in excess of 25 years. As such, I have to uphold the law and be fit to practice.  This involves substantial knowledge, competence and interpersonal skills and being able to work with clients from a variety of backgrounds and situations whilst treating all with the absolute respect that every client deserves. I am also required to undertake a number of hours of continuous personal development and sit annual Law Society tests to ensure that I am competent to practice and maintain an unbiased consciousness in my approach to work and clients.  This sits particularly well with position of giving an unbiased, critically thinking role to the board of governors.

I have always been understanding and approachable.  Through working at a professional level this has developed my communications skills making me an excellent voice for the views of parents and the local community.   I have always been a good listener and will take on board other people’s thoughts and opinions. I am able to challenge views and strategies where I feel appropriate.  I feel that these are important skills that I can bring to the role. 

Having attended presentations given by the school, the level of enthusiasm from the teachers is outstanding.   As a parent, I would like that to continue for existing and future parents (and ultimately the pupils) to experience this and be proud of our school. Should I be successful in the application for the position of governor I would hold the school accountable and be encouraging so that we continue to deliver the highest possible standards for our pupils. 

The quality of teaching at Barton Farm has led me to have every belief in the school.  The ability to be pupil led in the lessons is fantastic. I have had first hand parental experience of how my child has come home so full of enthusiasm, has sung songs and has questioned me – just simply amazing and I want to see that going forward in every child and every parent feeling the same.

I feel passionate about our school and want to be a part of it growing from strength to strength.  I feel particularly strongly about the environmental issues and I love that the school is addressing this with the children without making it an overwhelming and frightening factor.  We do the big plastic count at home annually and actively recycle for Hampshire Air Ambulance.

I believe every child has a right to a fair education which should be fully inclusive.  This should encourage all, including disadvantaged pupils and we, as a school, should nurture all pupils that need that extra support where we can.

I volunteer at the school to read with the children which I find very rewarding.  I feel that this has given me a wonderful insight into school life.   As a result of this I am willing to invest my time into being a governor.

As the school is going to expand with additional incoming years, I feel I can help with a parental opinion on how best to expand the school grounds whilst being sympathetic to the school’s budget and the environment. The existing years are going to need additional learning resources for the outside areas and this is something that is very exciting and is developmentally important to the school in taking it forward as a leading educational setting.

I feel that I have a lot to offer in taking the school forward in its upward path whilst maintaining a quality of education that is second to none – we have a great school and I am very much looking forward to working with you all.  


Parent Governor Applicant 4 - Nicola Pearce

Reasons for applying:

My son attends Barton Farm and I have seen first-hand the fantastic work of the school. In the short time that it has been open, the school has created an amazing community that supports the children, through partnership with their families. I have been impressed by the breadth and creativity of the teaching and am certain that the school values will assist all of the children in their future endeavours. I already volunteer to read with the children in class and have spoken to Year 1 about my work during their community topic. I would like to go further in supporting the school as it grows and develops and believe that my skill set would be of assistance.

Experience and personal skills:

I work as a Barrister, specialising in family law, from my Chambers in Surrey. I deal not only with divorce and matrimonial finances, but my main practise areas are children and domestic abuse. My cases involve adults and children who have a wide spectrum of vulnerabilities, ranging from domestic abuse and parental alienation, drug and alcohol issues, mental and physical health issues, and additional needs. There is often engagement with schools and professional agencies, including Police and Children Services, and differing levels of medical intervention.

Whilst my practise now is in family law, my background is broader. As well as criminal and general civil practice, I also undertook some training in cases at the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal. Whilst the training did not give me any practical, in-school, experience of special educational needs, it has given me a knowledge base that would be a good foundation for further training. Although this is not my current specialism, it is an area I could develop if it would be of any assistance to the school. 

As a member of my Chambers, I sit on the Management Committee, which has responsibility for staff, day to day running of the business including budget planning, compliance with regulators, and our building. We are currently in the planning stages of renovating two floors of the building, with which I am heavily involved. 

I am qualified as a Pupil Supervisor and have been appointed as the Head of Pupillage within my Chambers. Pupillage is the vocational stage of training (akin to an apprenticeship) that a Barrister must complete in order to qualify. A Pupil Barrister undertakes six months shadowing their Pupil Supervisor and six months undertaking their own work under supervision. The Bar Council has recently required all Chambers to reapply for permission to be Pupillage providers. I, along with my committee, have re-written our policies governing pupillage, created a bespoke Pupil Handbook and we are in the process of doing the same for the Pupil Supervisors. We have written a pupillage training curriculum, including an assessment calendar, and the documents required to support it. As the Head of Pupillage, I have an oversight responsibility to ensure that Pupils reach the required standards by the end of their training. The nature of the work and the particular pressures of Pupillage, mean that Pupils can often be vulnerable to stress, anxiety, and wider mental health concerns. It has been one of the central goals of my role to ensure that our Pupils have effective means of support in place.


Parent Governor Applicant 5 - William Magowan

Reasons for applying:

I have multiple reasons for applying which include giving back to the community and helping to facilitate with educational needs of children. Having a daughter with a diagnosis of ASD and understanding the educational needs she requires, and having first-hand negative experiences with her previous school, I can empathise with parents and understand the processes that need to be in place in order to provide a positive experience in what can be a daunting and emotional journey.

Having relied upon the schooling system for help throughout my childhood with school meals and school clubs due to difficult circumstances at home. I believe this is a great opportunity to apply my experiences and appreciation through identifying possible areas that could be improved for the better. 

Currently a serving soldier I understand the importance of community togetherness and understanding acceptance. Having moved around different locations within the UK throughout my career, also with two children who are going through nursery and pre-school.

Due to my current job role, I have been a mentor and leader for upwards of 800 individuals with age groups ranging from 16-45, from all walks of life and a substantial amount of these individuals have identified and unidentified SPLD’s. This is a great learning experience which requires me to adapt within different environments. 

As an Army Instructor I believe we can only change lives through education and as such I would like to be a member of the governor’s board to represent Disadvantaged Pupils or Special Educational needs.

 Experience and personal skills:

Coaching and mentoring different age groups with a range of SPLD’s and life challenges.

I am an Equality and Diversity advisor to all within the Armed forces, which emphasises my approachable manner. With this role I greatly understand the importance for empathy and confidentiality.

I have a passion for football which has led me to complete my coaching qualification recently, this enables me to coach and mentor various age groups while providing opportunities to children with difficult issues at home or school. I feel this can provide a great escape for the period they’re under my care.  

  • Currently studying Law, BSc (Hons) and achieving several leadership qualifications.
  • Experience in training delivery through various age groups.
  • Three years development, mentoring and leadership with school leavers and now achieving the same within an adult training environment.
  • Personal feedback from others that I have great communication skills and understanding of individual requirements.

local governors

Date of appointment:  13th October 2020

Term of office: 4 years


For details of the governance structure of the University of Winchester AcademyTrust click here.

Meet Our Governors


Caroline Rogers - Chair of Governors/ Co - opted Governor/ SEN Governor

Image preview





''I am proud to be chair of the local academy committee for Barton Farm and Stoneham Park primary schools. Going into the schools is always a joy! We governors work together to support the schools and contribute to their development. In my working life, I am an Associate Director at the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership where I commission and manage national clinical audit for the NHS. I develop and monitor high value contracts with external suppliers and I manage teams and contractors. I am motivated by quality improvement, both in my career to ensure delivery of programmes that improve care for patients, and personally by trying to make a positive difference in my community. I'm delighted that we are building the new communities and schools together!''


Nicola Wells - Executive Headteacher/ Ex- Officio





''I have been in primary education for the last 15 years. I graduated from university with a BA Hons in English Literature with French and immediately joined Lloyds Bank on their graduate scheme. I held a number of positions in commercial and corporate banking before finding my real passion – teaching! I have worked in 5 schools both in the UK and overseas. Prior to joining the Trust I held an Acting Head role and set up a School Centred Initial Teacher training programme (SCITT). I also co-led our Teaching School. I think that primary education should be fun and memorable – after all we all learn more when we enjoy it! ''


Hannah Griffiths - Staff Governor

I am delighted to have been appointed as the first teacher at Stoneham Park Primary Academy. I have been teaching in Reception for the past 6 years and I cannot wait to take your children on some adventures in their learning! At school I particularly enjoy learning outdoors and have a passion for sharing stories. When I'm not at school I am a keen traveller and either like to spend my time planning my next trip or taking my dog for a walk in the forest. I am really excited to be building a setting that is going to support our children to achieve their best as well as being sustainable for our environment. I really believe in the value of children's play and will put this at the forefront of our practice to support joyful learning experiences. I am really looking forward meeting you and your children and beginning to build our community.


Lorene Lee - Vice Chair/ Parent Governor/ Safeguarding Governor

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"I have over 15 years experience in the Spacecraft industry, where I currently lead an Engineering department at Airbus. I am responsible for looking after my team’s strategy, budget and development. I try to share my passion for Space with the next generation, taking part in presentations for children during World Space Week. On the ground, I have varied experience in supporting parents and students, from my volunteer work as a maternity peer supporter and as a 3rd Dan black belt Taekwondo instructor. I am motivated by helping people achieve their private and professional goals and enjoy supporting community improvement projects. As a parent governor since the opening of the schools, I continue to be impressed by the research based approach to teaching and the staff’s strong collaborative mindset which provides the best environment for the pupils to learn and thrive. I really enjoy using my skills to help support the schools in delivering their vision of a bright and exciting future for my children and yours."



Mathew Jane - Co - opted Governor/ Health & Safety Governor




'I am Head of Environment and Building services at the University of Winchester and I currently manage the University Energy, Environment and the Maintenance departments within Estates and Facilities Services. I am responsible for the University Carbon Management programme, energy procurement, energy efficiency, travel and transport, waste management and planned and reactive maintenance programmes.  I have been working in the Higher Education Sector for over 20 years and I have a BA in Archaeology and an MSc in Sustainable Business. I have been involved in the Barton Farm Academy from its inception and during the specification and construction phase of the project working on the client-side project team representing the Academy Trust sponsor. I am really looking forward to helping the school achieve its sustainability ambitions as it grows over the next few years.''


Dominik Stokes - Co- opted Governor





''I am a chartered accountant with 15 years of experience, currently working as Finance Director for Twinings Tea, within our Global Supply business. Prior to that I spent 3 years with Twinings in Bangkok, as Finance Director for the South East Asia region. Besides being responsible for P&L's in excess of $100m, my role is to form an integral part of the Executive Committee, steering the strategy and direction of a successful international business. I'm passionate about education and I hope that I can help you achieve your vision for the schools!''


Laura Whitton - Co-opted Governor


"I live in North Stoneham Park and have two children at Stoneham Park Primary Academy.  I was excited for my daughter to be part of the first intake of children having been impressed by the vision and values for the school.  I have a BSc in Management and am a total 'people person' having worked in HR for over 15 years across Retail, Telecoms and Banking. Specialising in Reward, I'm required to interrogate data, have an eye for detail as well as be a strong communicator and collaborator. I am passionate about education and enjoy my role in ensuring the continued success of both Barton Farm and Stoneham Park as they grow year on year." 



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